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2020 November 17

Chinese New Year 2021

February 11 is the most important holiday in China in 2021, and it is New Year’s Eve itself. This is extremely important in China and all production is completely closed and many times even banned. Duty off related to this is regulated by the authorities and contributes to some uncertainty about when a certain factory are actually closed. This means that we often consider our factories to be closed one week before February 11 and about one week after.

We therefore believe that it is urgent (V47) to order the PCBs you need during early spring 2021, since the factories often run at full capacity until closing, there may be disruptions. We have also seen that many factories often lose employees during the holiday and may have difficulty gaining full capacity for some time after they have opened.

Curiosities about the Chinese New Year

The Chinese chronology is different from ours. Although the Chinese are also living in the year 2020, just as we do, much of their traditions are based on the Chinese calendar. Our calendar is calculated based on the birth of Jesus, while the Chinese calendar is calculated based on Emperor Huangdi’s Chinese calendar. According to legend, Huangdi created the lunar and solar calendar, and the Chinese chronology is based on Huangdi’s first reign, 2698 years before the birth of Jesus. The New Year is called in Chinese for chunjié and means spring festival. It is celebrated all over China and can be equated with our Christmas Eve. You meet relatives and friends and eat and drink specialities. According to the legend, the monster “Nian” comes once a year and eats animals and humans. It was later discovered that fireworks and dressing in red scared the monster and kept that tradition alive.

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