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Quality policy

The Company shall supply PCB’s according to specification, deliver such PCB’s on time and abide by any applicable requirements. Using our core competencies, we shall attract new customer and endeavor to increase our existing customer’s satisfaction with the services we provide. Quality is an ongoing concern for all of our employees, which is why everyone is expected to contribute with improvements, leading to increased efficiency and greater quality control.



Environmental policy

The company makes its decisions based on a balance between what is environmentally motivated, technically possible and financially reasonable. The environment management system shall prevent pollution, protect our environment and comply with all relevant legislation. In order to minimize its impact on the environment the company shall always seek to improve systems and routines, especially with regards to means of transport. With our knowledge in the field of circuit boards can we, in cooperation with our customers, minimize our impact on the environment by more efficient use of materials, better choice of materials and minimizing waste. The company expects all employees to contribute to the improvement of the environment management system. The company shall encourage and support all employees in their daily work to identity risks, errors and parts that can be improved.



Equality policy

Multi-Teknik is an equal workplace, where men and women have the same rights, obligations and opportunities for development.

The employee can be sure not to be treated negatively or positively depending on gender.

At Multi-Teknik, it is not accepted that anyone is harassed with regard to gender opinion, appearance, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.



Privacy policy

Multi-Teknik Mönsterkort AB (Multi-Teknik) may collect personal data within the scope of our professional relationship with you. We may also collect your personal information if you are in contact with us. The collected personal data is necessary for our mutual endeavors, alternatively necessary for the specific purpose with which the data has been collected. We only process the personal data that you have provided us.



Code of conduct

MULTI-TEKNIK PCB GROUP AB shall be committed to ethical conduct of business, full compliance to applicable national and international laws and respect for human rights in the spirit of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Labor Organization, the principles of the UN Global Compact as well as other internationally recognized ethical standards (e.g. SA8000). MULTI-TEKNIK shall comply with Part II of the Rules of International Chamber of Commerce on Extortion and Bribery in International Business Transactions.


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