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2020 June 09

COVID-19 Information

We make the greatest societal benefit by securing the freights of your printed circuit boards. Our protective measures for this to work are, among other things, to only have office staff who must be physically present.

For a long time, we have had a system for running the business remotely. We can basically handle all parts of the business, such as order receipt, CAM preparation, and quality reporting as usual, but by remote connection. Over periods of the years, we’ve done this anyway, so it’s really nothing new to us and we have the ability to do this for months. The printed circuit board production in China is estimated to be at an average of 90% against normal. Slightly depending on order quantity and technology of printed circuit board. Some delay can occur in the case of special materials in any form. The challenge right now is the availability of freight and the price that applies, because a large part of the freight market is allocated by equipment for healthcare. However, we work hard both from Sweden, China, and Hong Kong to ensure this. Even if occur big reversals from week to week, we see an opportunity for some flattening during May.

No one knows where this will end, but Multi-Teknik is well equipped for many ways that make us confident that we can take us and our customers through this crisis. Near all employees have more roles within the organization and can cover for each other if someone falls ill. We have two independent logistics and quality centers in China and in Hong Kong, so that we can quickly control deliveries and adjust if something is changing in our world. We have a tough time ahead of us, but we hope that we will all be strengthened out of this. Because we have minimized our physical encounters, we appreciate contacts by phone. Physical close contact should be minimized, not personal relationships.

With kind regards, Multi-Teknik

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