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Prototypes & Pilot Runs

PCB prototyping used to be the nightmare of many electronics professionals, as it is the most critical period of product development. MULTI-TEKNIK greatly reduces your costs and saves time by developing your electronic products.

For a long time, MULTI-TEKNIK has become a reliable supplier of prototype PCBs. We manage this by in-house CAM preparation and using selected express delivery factories.

Why choose prototyping at MULTI-TEKNIK?

Our PCB prototype service is highly recommended if you are testing a fresh design. You’ll waste minimal time and be able to test that your design works before going into full production, which might save you a lot of time and money if design problems are discovered.

We have agreements with factories in both Asia and Europe for all kinds of printed circuit boards, and with this, we have become a player with significant purchasing power that pushes prices down. Along with your prototypes, we can supply a laser-cut solder stencil at a very competitive price. See more information about stencils here.

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  • Deadline 11:00
  • Delivery, 9 working days later
  • Multi-Teknik chooses stack up
  • No panel or more PCB’s on the same layup
  • Electrical test included
  • Green solder mask included
  • One white silk print is included
  • IPC Class II tolerances
  • Multi-Teknik decides on a case-by-case basis if odd PCB’s features are allowed
  • The maximum length of the PCB, max 480 mm

Explore our other products

Standard PCB

Our definition of “Standard PCB” is a rigid glass-fibre board with one or more layers.


High-dense-interconnect PCBs meet the demand for smaller PCB with more compact components by increasing wiring capabilities.

Flexible PCB

Flexible printed circuit boards get the name from the ability to be bent in a working application.

Rigid-Flex PCB

RIGID-FLEX PCB excels in overcoming space and weight constraints due to spatial degrees of freedom.

Metal Core PCB

A metal core printed circuit board uses metal as its base material to spread heat accumulated due to some electronic components operating on the board throughout the board.

High-Frequency PCB

High-frequency PCBs are often needed while developing high-frequency products, such as satellite systems, radio frequency, microwave, mobile telephone base stations, etc.

Solder Paste Stencils

Customized high-precision laser-cut solder paste stencils are used by the subcontractor assembly company to apply solder paste with high accuracy to all places that shall be soldered.

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