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Quality is our primary concern

How we ensure quality

We make sure that all ambiguities and shortcomings are cleared as early as possible.

CAM – Design Rule Check (DRC)

Our experience since 1975 of printed circuit production is making a big difference in increasing pcb quality and delivery precision. We make sure that the production files and documentation are correct and relevant for the pcb factory. All you have to do is to send the documents to us and we do a complete analysis and CAM preparation (DRC) of the file set. When your design has been approved by our engineers the file set is ready for production.

SMEP – Factory Evaluation program

Choosing the right factory for printed circuit boards requires experience and knowledge. That’s why we have developed our own program for evaluation and rating our factories. Among other factors our evaluation covers finance, technology, work environment, competence quality and delivery precision.

General Requirements Specification

Together with our factories, we work according to the IPC standards as well as our own requirements. This is for eliminating shortcomings and most of the AABUS(as agreed between buyer and user) in IPC.

AUTO – Automatic feedback

We provide our customers and factories with ongoing feedback on the designs and production. This work is done in the most effective way - automatically and continuously. The CAM is reporting information to you which can enable new settings in your CAD. The quality control is returning deviations and enhancements directly to the factory.

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